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  • 1.Various Service

    After signing contract, clients only need to confirm CIQ and marking information, other information(production schedule, loading pictures, shipping advice, transport condition, notice of arrival, documents sending), all tracking by our salesmen, ensure the clients know all the detailed information in time.Various ways of cooperation:return the commission, accept OEM and mix container.

  • 2.Shipping time

    All controlled within 15-20 days after receiving the advance payment.

  • 3.Reliability

    Clients are welcomed to come to visit company and factory, we also accept third-party testing organization to test products and factory.

  • 4.Selectivity

    Different quality and price products are available for clients to choose.

  • 5.Trade reference

    Complete customer list and contact information available for customers as reference.

  • 6.Transportation

    Good connection with shipping company, can get the most favorable price.

  • 7.Extra Service

    Reference to clients’ other products purchasing order in China, our company can assist to purchase for free.

  • 8.Complete system for responsibility

    After signing the contract, each department work closely, guarantee the quality and shipping date, if any problems, will have punitive measure accordingly.

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